Tuesday, August 25, 2009

sugar buzz

Adam and I went to the grand opening of The Sweet and Saucy Shop in Long Beach.
It was beyond fun- beautiful store, delicious desserts.
Even though I was given permission to use any of the images, I was not able to load any of them... so click on that link above and be ready to crave some cake! How I wish I was getting married... just for the mini dessert spreads she does.

If you are anywhere within driving distance, you must visit. I recommend the chocolatey-coffee-kahlua cupcake. And Adam is a new fan of the double fudge cake lollipop. Be sure to bring some water, because you will need somethis to counteract the extreme sugar buzz that will come from "sharing 5 desserts".

Thursday, August 20, 2009

What Bobby does all day

Adam is back at water polo practice every morning. I'm not really sure what I do all day. But this is not about us. This is about our dog. He loves it here in the missionary house. Well, he loves it outside.

He spends his days... well, I'll just show you.

that is his tush in the front yard

If you look closely, you can almost see his tail.
It is blurry because it is wagging too quickly for me to capture.

he is completely submerged in the bush. This makes for a filthy dog.
But he is occupied all day looking for...

I am sad to say that this one is mortally wounded. He was dead by morning.
Bobby is a vicious hunter. So far, he has rid the yard of 2, yes 2 lizards.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Anaheim vs. Kandern

Laura here...
So I have been trying to decide how best to compare Anaheim and Kandern. It is a struggle because they are like polar opposites. Putting aside the obvious difference of country of origin, there is the big city vs small rural village, the frenetic vs. slowly plowing through life pace, the industrial vs agricultural, the grey vs green, the millions of cars vs Nordic walkers, the... well, you get the picture.
But the other night as I was falling asleep, I decided how to best describe it. In a beauty pageant, Kandern would win by a landslide. But in a fist fight, Anaheim would come out on top.

Anaheim is not pretty. It is cement and neon and traffic. Kandern is rolling green hills, afternoon thunderstorms, and cherry trees. But Anaheim has big streets, a grocery store on every corner, and Mexican food galore.

It also has the rocking-est missionary house around. And I am telling you now, they are going to have to pry it from our cold, dead fingers. We are going to passively refuse to move. It is awesome. And we walked to church on Sunday, which made me feel, oh so German... until we went grocery shopping that afternoon. But we did take our own reusable grocery bags. Because we feel the need to do that now. Adam felt guilty about the plastic ones. So, now we are the proud owners of a five-pack of the cutest EnviroSax bags around. Seriously, check them out... how cute are they?

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Yes, we will blog!

Adam here- That is a promise. But we have been in such a state of transition for so long that it has just been tough to find blogging time.
So here is the rundown: We has a great flight from Basel to London to San Francisco. The long flight, London to S.F. was amazing. We were somehow lucky enough to get emergency exit seats! We were the first row between Business class and real people. We probably had a good five feet to stretch our legs. Plus, we were in an aisle of two seats which means that Laura only had to fight with me for the arm rest.

We have spent the last few weeks bouncing between Laura's parents and my parents. We presented about our year at Black Forest Academy to both Fairway Park Baptist and Lighthouse Bible Fellowship. We saw lots of family and friends. We even got a chance to go water skiing with Laina's (my sister) in-laws. Aside from a cut toe it was a lot of fun.

Now Laura and I are living in Anaheim. We have moved our stuff into Magnolia's missionary house. We will get to live here for a few months while we find a place. We've been meeting up with our friends from here and are very excited to catch up with more as the weeks move along.

Now, I am very excited to announce something that so many of you have been concerned about and praying for. I just heard today that my placement will be back at Buena Park! I don't know yet what classes I will be teaching but I am so excited to be returning back to that school. So thank you for your continued prayer. It seemed like such a long time for an answer but the Lord answered, and I am thrilled.

Keep coming back to check in on us. We promise to keep you updated here at DeClercq central. Ohh, that would have been a great name for this blog!