Friday, October 16, 2015

from the mouths of babes

This whole adoption thing has really turned our world upside down. It is a regular part of discussion in our house.  Every day we talk about our "new baby sister" with our kids.  We don't force the issue, it just comes up.  They are clearly thinking about her and processing, which is a great thing.

They say things that melt my heart and make me want to pray and cry and laugh all at once.  They are so thoughtful it makes my heart ache.

Starting before we ever told our kids about our adoption plans, Garrett clearly had a heart for orphans.  I will just let their little voices speak for themselves (we keep a notebook of the tender and funny things these monkeys say).
Garrett: Dear Heavenly Father, I pray for the little boys and girls who don't have mommies or daddies who love them.  Or grandmas and grandpas.  Please keep them safe. Amen.

Garrett: Mommy, why are there little boys and girls without mommies and daddies?
Mama: (thinking to self, why do theses conversations never happen when DADDY.IS.HOME?) Well, bud some mommies and daddies can't take care of their kids because they don't have any money, or they are sick, or they die, and sadly, sometimes they just don't want to
Garrett: What happens to them?
Mama: Well, if they don't have grandmas or grandpas or aunts or uncles to take care of them, they live in an orphanage.  That is where there are a bunch of kids and not enough adults.
Garrett: Not enough adults?
Mama: Well, the grownups have to feed, and clothe, and clean so many kids that there isn't enough love to go around. So, if they fall and get hurt, there might not be someone to snuggle and kiss their bruise.
Garrett: What can we DO???
Mama: Let's think.  What can we do?
Garrett: We could send money or toys.  (thinking thinking thinking- then jumps up and throws hand up excitedly) Or we could bring one of them to live with us and we could be their family!
Mama: (holding back tears) Yes, Garrett.  We could do that.

It was here that we decided Garrett was ready to hear about our plans to adopt.  When we told him, he jumped up and down and did a happy dance.

Kat: My new sister be Kathleen?
Mama: No, I don't think her name will be Kathleen.  I don't know what her name will be.
Garrett: I think.... Lily.

Mama: Kat, I have a surprise for you.
Kat: is it my new sister?!?!
Mama: No. Bummer.

Kat: Dear God, thank you for my new baby sister.  I love her. Please bring her home soon.  Because I want her NOW.
Mama: Me too, baby girl.  Me too.

Garrett: Will my new sister be happy when she comes home?
Mama: Maybe not.  She won't understand that we are her family right away.  Everything will be different and she might be scared.
Garrett: We can tell her that we love her and she doesn't need to be afraid.
Mama: Yes, we will.  But she probably won't understand us right away. 
Garrett: Because she will speak Chinese and we speak English?
Mama: Yes.  She will learn very quickly.  But she won't understand us right away.
Garrett: We need to learn Chinese so we can tell her we love her!

Daily we have theses conversation.  As if I wasn't on the verge anyway, these conversations are almost too much for my mama heart.  It makes me ache for our baby girl.  It makes me so proud of the thoughts my kids have.  The concern and love they have for their baby sister.  And it astounds me how deeply they think about her.  About what she is feeling right now.  About what she will feel when she comes home.  I am so thankful God has called us to adopt.  For us.  For our kids.  For their future families.  Because we have been changed already and I am excited (and super duper scared) to see what God has in store for our family.

Friday, October 2, 2015


we received our approved home study (Yay!)

submitted our I-800A to the US Department of Homeland Security (ok, our check was made out to the US Dept of Homeland Security; we submitted it to the US Citizenship and Immigration Services lockbox where it will then be forwarded to the National Benefits Center)

submitted our first grant application (and started 3 more)