Wednesday, August 27, 2008

First Day of School

Today is the official start of classes at BFA. Adam experienced a bit of a culture shock when all of his students were seated and working quietly 5 minutes before (not after, before) the bell rang.
Our students strike me as some of the coolest people around. They come from countries all over the world, from Albania to Zambia, literally.
Adam and I are excited to see our mission field arrive in the form of our students and the families and stories they represent.
Drop us a line if you get a chance. We would love to hear from you!

Monday, August 18, 2008

Prayer and Praises

As Adam posted earlier, we are here, safe and sound. We are in the process of setting up our lives in our apartment and classrooms. We are discovering that "setting up" is more a way of life for the first month than a list of things to do. Things just take longer, or so it seems, here. We are patiently awaiting for our home phone and Internet services to be turned on. I confess that this Internet-aholic is having trouble waiting patiently. Indeed, I check to see if the green indicator light will turn from blinking to solid approximately 100 times a day.
In the meantime we are using the Internet at the school to conduct all of our online affairs. This means that we are unable to upload pictures, update most information on the blog, and otherwise do anything but email and post on the blog. Please forgive our sluggishness in doing so many things.
-we have purchased, insured and registered a vehicle
-Adam figured out the web of cords surrounding our TV and we have been able to watch some of the Olympics in English (Just ask Adam how excited he was to see Michael Phelps win 8 gold medals!)
-our Internet and phone will be connected soon
-we will both recover from colds before school starts on Monday
-we will be diligent in preparing our lessons
-wisdom as we prayerfully consider ways outside of the classroom to get involved
-the staff members that are still raising support and trying to get to BFA
-we will be able to remember the German we have learned and be brave in using it

Thank you for your thoughts and prayers. We would love to hear from you!

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Yes, we are still alive!

Adam here: Hello to everyone who is still checking our blog. We appologize for the long, long delay we have had in updating this thing. The thing is, we don't have internet access at our apartment yet. We don't have phone or TV either, which is killing me since I know I am missing so much swimming in the Olympics. We were fortunate enough to see Michael Phelps get one gold medal, but it broke my heart to read about the 4*100 relay that made headlines. I haven't been able to see it yet! I tried to see it on Youtube but when I searched it hadn't been posted.
Anyway, The last week and a half, Laura and I have been at BFA for new staff orientation and training. The first week was language and culture training. We learned just enough German to sound really stupid. We are better off right now shrugging our shoulders and asking "English?" But when Laura and I walk home we practice saying the German alphabet and numbers to each other. We can also tie our shoes in German!
Actually, Laura and I won't have to walk anymore if we don't want to. We finally got our car today. The German system is that once you have the car you must insure it then you must register it. To register it, you have to take pretty much everything but the kitchen sink into Lorrach (even though you don't have to take the actual car). So today, we were able to go in with someone who speaks German and he helped us.
Two days ago, it rained here for nearly 24 straight hours. And, it is supposed to rain somemore tomorrow.
But all that rain sure makes this place really green. I am anxious to post pictures, but we only have access to the internet through the school computers and I never have the camera and cord with me to upload images.
Next week we have all staff training and then on Sunday the students start showing up! Pray that both Laura and I will have time to get at least our first week or so of lessons set.
That is all for now. Hopefully we will get a regular internet connection soon so that we can post frequently and show you some pictures of Kandern!

Monday, August 4, 2008

We're Here

We arrived safely last night.
As soon as we get our internet hooked up we will post with pictures and stories!
Thank you for your thoughts and prayers.