Sunday, February 27, 2011

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As many of you have heard, our home was burglarized a week and a half ago.  We lost our laptop and digital camera, on which we had all of our pictures and videos of Garrett.

Had they not been stolen, we would have pictures of Garrett's first haircut to put right here.  So, imagine a chunky baby Garrett sitting on our dining room table in just a little blue diaper.  He is holding his toothbrush to keep him entertained.  I have a look of fear in my eyes as I hold the scissors and *snip* there goes the first lock of baby hair.

Also here, would be pictures and video of Garrett's first trip to the beach.  We spent Valentine's Day in Laguna Beach having a picnic lunch.  To say that Garrett LOVED the sand would be an understatement.  His job seemed to be to move the sand from one side of my mom, to the other, with the occasional handful in her lap. 
He was not 100% sure about the ocean, but he curled his fat little toes in the sand and really seemed to enjoy it.