Saturday, July 30, 2011

Dad, Dad!

Hey Dad.  What'ya doin'?

Taking pictures with your camera?

Can I play with it?

Can I push that button?

Let me try.  Can I touch that?

C'mon, let me try.  How about this?  Can I push this?

Dad, look at me.  Let me see it.

What's that, Dad?  What is it?

Dad?  Dad?  Can I play with your camera?

Monday, July 25, 2011

this mama needs a bike

Just look at all the fun the boys are having without me...

Also, if you listen carefully, you can hear Garrett's new word.

And yes, we know, we need to get Garrett a helmet. And Adam needs to wear the one he already has.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Zoomars Petting Zoo

On Friday, we headed south to San Juan Capistrano to visit Zoomars petting zoo.  I purchased a deal to Zoomars through Plum District and we were pleased with our experience.  With our deal, we got 4 entrance tickets, 3 feed baskets, and 2 train rides. 

The feed baskets were way more fun than the train.

Garrett thoroughly enjoyed feeding the sheep, goats, pony, llamas, and trying to feed the not interested cow. 

The goats were the most interactive of the bunch.  They would very enthusiastically rip the lettuce, apple, carrot, or broccoli out of your hand, sometimes head butting each other to get to the grub. 

Garrett was nearly lost in a crowd of goats on more than one occasion.  But, he was his normal "not to be flustered" self, and was very resilient.  That is, until we took him in the pen with the rabbits and guinea pigs.  The smaller the animal, the more scary.
Zoomar's website advertises "well-natured" animals, and it would appear that is the truth.  Short of one goat bully, all of the animals were pretty gentle and we never worried about Garrett.

We did have a little issue with keeping the feed apples out of Garrett's mouth.  Apparently, we don't ever feed him.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

16 months

Garrett is officially 16 months old today.  I know, how time does fly.  Well, the days are long, and the weeks are short.  Garrett is busy.  Very busy.  He loves to chase Bobby and will often point at him and say "woof woof".  He loves to be outside.  And even more than being outside, he loves water. 

He plays with the watering can, watering the grass and pretending to water when the can is empty.  He loves to help clean with a rag and a bucket of water (that is an outside activity, actually, most of the water activities are confined to the outside).  He loves to stick his hands in the stream of water from the hose.  And he loves to be in the pool.  He voluntarily sticks his face in the water.  He is still learning to keep his mouth closed when he does that.  A little pool water never hurt anyone. 

He runs and climbs on everything.  He spins in a circle until he falls down.  Generally, he makes very happy sounds, and lots of them, all day.  He is also generally covered in dirt and very sweaty.  It is a good thing he loves bath time, because he needs it!

Garrett says ma, da, up, done, woof and quack.  Occasionally we hear ball, dog, and wa (water) and an all encompassing word for what and want. What he lacks in verbal skills, he makes up for with very enthusiastic head nodding.
Garrett waves and points, blows kisses, and covers his eyes to play peek-a-boo.  He also can be very affectionate, giving hugs and kisses on the lips (still occasionally a head bonk of love).  When he feels like it, he can identify his nose, mouth, hair, teeth, ears and toes.  He also seems to know what just about everything is, happily pointing to things when asked.  Scary how much they understand!

All of this fun rolled into one kid.  I know, how lucky are we?  I did fail to mention the screaming fits of a little will resisting being broken that have been known to accompany 3 meals a day, and the newly perfected whiny voice that drives me up the wall.  Even still, we love him to pieces.
And for those on teeth watch... he has 3 molars.  We are still waiting for that stubborn bottom right one.  But while we were waiting for that one, the top left canine sneaked in.  So, we are up to 12.  That molar is literally barely under the surface.  It will pop through anytime now... bringing the total to 13.

Friday, July 15, 2011

What should we watch tonight? Garrett TV

We haven't been negle-Okay, we have have been neglecting our blog a little...But we have good rea-No, we don't really have any good reasons...It's because we've been bu-Again, no, we haven't been busy, we've been on vacation and summer break...Oh, yeah, we've been busy raising the cutest little guy ever and recording video to share with you, so here you go!

Here is one of Garrett showing his linguistic skills

Here is one of us playing outside

And here is one of the most precious laugh you've ever heard

Here is a video where Garrett is doing what Garrett loves to do

Sunday, July 10, 2011

one little picture

... to tide you over until we get back on the blogging bandwagon.

and proof that Garrett walked away from the dog "incident" pretty much scott free.