Saturday, February 6, 2016

An update on our adoption...

is that there is no new news.

All of our paperwork has been turned in.  China has received it and is reviewing it.  All we can do for the time being is to wait, and to pray for our little girl.  Kathleen has become our little prayer warrior as she prays for little sister all the time, though waiting is not Kat's strength.  Truthfully, she might get that from her parents.

But many of our friends and family have inquired as to the status of our adoption.  Our status is to wait as patiently as we can.  We are waiting for a phone call from our agency with our daughter's file- her name, age, picture, social and medical history. This is called our referral. And once we receive the referral we are matched.

After we are matched, there is more paperwork. More fees. And travel plans. And more waiting. 4-5 months from our referral we will travel to China to bring her home!!!!

The benefit to waiting is that we have already bonded with our little girl, whoever she is. We long for her, we pray for her, we imagine what family life will be like once she gets here.  We are excited, and certainly eager, and as soon as we hear, you will hear.

Specific prayer requests as we wait:
Peace and patience
God's miraculous and perfect timing for travel
Last $5000 of adoption expenses
And for her- Praying for our baby girl 

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