Wednesday, August 19, 2015

for her

I am going to deviate from our planned blog posts to share something straight from my heart.

I have felt burdened for our Chinese baby girl, for her.  Tears come without explanation.  I find myself snuggling Garrett, Kat and Eli more and praying the love I have for my children can be felt by her too.  I find myself mourning the care she needs but may not be receiving.  Aching because there is a baby girl that needs love and protection but she may not be receiving that either.  When I do something to soothe my children, my heart breaks that there may be no one comforting her as she cuts teeth or recovers from a fall.
The more we read about children who are institutionalized in orphanages, the sadder it makes me for the lives of the children in them.  They start out losing the battle.  The odds are not in their favor.  And it breaks my heart that our daughter is there now.  We don't know who she is, but I know she is ours.

And so I pray...
that her mind, and body and spirit would be protected from harm and neglect
the she would be surrounded by the peace and love of God
that she would not be hungry
that God would make her mind, body and spirit resilient
that she would receive quality medical treatment when she needs it
that she is unafraid
(Garrett often prays that she will not feel alone)
that God would direct us straight to her
that God would prepare her to fit right into our family
that God would prepare us to be her family, making changes in us today that will enable us to be right for her
that our children will love her from the second they see her picture

There is much to pray about our process. But somehow, the logistics and finances and bureaucracy seem unimportant when I consider a baby girl is not home.

As a mama, I value the prayers you offer for our baby girl.


Shamassian said...

Praying for her.

grandma said...

Am committing to pray these things for our precious baby girl.