Tuesday, June 23, 2015

You've heard the what, now here is the why

"Why are you adopting?"  I really expected someone to ask us this question; yet not once has this been asked of us. 

I guess we have been asked what brought this about a few times, but somehow that felt different from the expected questions of "why?" that I was prepared to answer. 

Maybe it is because in all the reading that we are doing, couples are constantly explaining why they choose to adopt.  But even though we have read dozens and dozens of examples, none of them quite seem to fit our reason why.

So even though no one has specifically asked, I still feel like there is a reason to explain why we are choosing to adopt. 

We clearly are not infertile as many adoptive parents are. 

We do not feel like our family is incomplete.  It is quite the contrary.  We have 3 gifts who fill our hearts and gray our hair daily.

We simply feel overwhelmingly blessed and desire to share our blessing.  We have resources to care for another child.  We have the love to love another child.  We have room to house another child, food to feed, clothes to clothe etc. 

We also feel that by adopting a child without a family we are trying to live out our faith in Christ in a very real way.  Christians are specifically commanded to take care of orphans, and we see this as a way our family can obey this command.  Furthermore, we have been adopted into God's family through the sacrifice of Jesus, and so we see our small sacrifice of opening our home and hearts to another child as a way to express our gratitude to our Maker. 

We do not make this decision lightly.  We are constantly talking it over, praying about it, checking our motivations.  Some days we are affirmed by our decision.  Other days we are terrified.  But our resolve hasn't wavered.  This is something we are committed to doing because we want to, we are excited to, and we feel blessed to be in a position to be the family a child needs. 


Anonymous said...

Well said. I am proud and awed in how the Lord is leading you in this decision.
love, Mom

Annette Boutte'-Alvarado said...

I love all the journeys you two have taken in the life of your marriage! The minds of my own, thinking outside of the box! God bless your family.