Tuesday, May 31, 2011

first trip to the ER

On Sunday, a woman at church gave me, what I believed to be sound advice.  Make a deal with your kids to not sustain any serious injuries unless Dad is home.  I thought that sounded brilliant, and Sunday night sat down with Garrett and made the deal.  Monday, Adam was off work, and Garrett thought that was license to convince Bobby to eat his face.  I am starting to think our deal was a poor decision.

We took our first trip to the ER with Garrett yesterday.  Our dog bit him in the face. 
[Now, keep your dog bite comments to yourself.  This was an isolated incident, Garrett and Bobby share in the responsibility and we are keeping a VERY close watch on the dog.]

Yes, that is a blood stain on his shirt.  Thank you Melaluca spot remover- it is gone.

Garrett was a real trooper and bounced back way faster than I did. (Adam was fine.  He was laughing about it by dinnertime.  I went to bed with a stress headache.)  Adam correctly diagnosed me with an inability to shut off the mama bear instinct.

Anyway.  We had a great expreience at the ER.  They checked for any damage to his eyes (super cool procedure by the way!  The doctor put special liquid in and around his eyes, then shone a black light on his face.  Everywhere there was a cut, it glowed neon green.  He looked like an x-man.)  There was none.  They indicated that he didn't need stitches (unless we wanted them done for cosmetic reasons, which we didn't because they would have to sedate G and that sounded way more traumatic).  A snack and Garrett was ready to play.

We just thought you might want to know how our Memorial Day went.

Monday, May 23, 2011

here fishy fishy

Friday was a special day.  Adam took the day off of work, just to be with us.  So, to mark the ocassion, we went to the Long Beach aquarium. 

Garrett seemed to really enjoy it.  He loved watching the fish swim by, although he prefered the tanks that were in well-lit areas.  I think the dark areas were a little much for him to process.  At one point, I walked with him into a little alcove and he had a little freak out.

He loved watching the seals and sea lions play. 

And of course, he loved the petting tanks.  Good thing we have been working on "touch with just one finger" so that Garrett was not the child that grabbed the star fish out of the tank.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

a boy and his dog

Garrett and Bobby have a strongly forged friendship based mostly on the sharing of food.  However, they are slowly discovering how to play together.  Garrett LOVES playing with Bobby.  So far, Bobby only humors him for so long.  Beware: cute baby giggles included free of charge.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Tell me what's better

What's better than a night out with the family?

A night out with the family at Downtown Disney!

What't better than a night out with the family at Downtown Disney?

A night out with the family at Downtown Disney and FREE Haagen Dazs ice cream!

Garrett even got his own free cup of Strawberry ice cream.  Needless to say, he loved this evening out!  Who am I kidding?  We all did.