Tuesday, September 8, 2009

food gig

I had the opportunity to put my schooling to work this weekend. I was asked to cater a going away party for 40 on Saturday. It really went about as well as anything you do with food can go. Dinner was served a little late due to some SLOW cooking chicken, but I figure it gave people a chance to chit chat.

I had a friend help with this event- which was a brilliant idea, if I do say so myself. She was a huge asset... hello, she did the Costco shopping, stuffed 40 chicken breasts, did dishes, and generally kept us on task.
Here's the menu we used:

cold spinach dip
garlic toast

caesar salad

artichoke, parmesan and herb stuffed chicken
loaded mashed potatoes

chocolate mousse in white chocolate bowls with raspberry sauce and fresh whipped cream

Are you hungry now??

Unfortunately, the only picture I have is of the mousse cups (yes, we made the chocolate cups), and there isn't even whipped cream on it yet. What can I say? We were too busy to take pictures. And I gave my photographer the night off.