Friday, April 22, 2011

in and out

I do believe that Garrett is in that stage of development where there is literally something new every single day.  He is on the verge of using a whole slew of words, I can feel it. 
He is waving and clapping up a storm.  But, his newest trick is one we probably should not encourage... using the doggy door.
It started innocent enough.  Putting a toy outside, reaching through and pulling it back in.  Maybe a sippy cup.  In and out, in and out.  Wednesday, he figured out how to put himself in and out. 

We had our first traffic jam at the door yesterday.  Garrett was halfway in and halfway out and Bobby was insistent that he be able to go out.  Bobby stood at the sliding door and grunted and huffed until Garrett maneuvered back in the house.

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Spring Break family style

I am not one to use the word epic lightly.  Epic is an amazing word, tiny, yet packs a very powerful punch.  You won't find me talking with others and saying things like "That Wendy's frosty was epic!" or "Dude, what an epic car!"  I just can't do it.  To use epic in such a way robs it of its beauty and power.

So when I say this Spring Break was epic, you better believe that it went well beyond a normal week and into an area where legends are from!

  • Story time at the library- Garrett sat quietly and listened to a story and we sang songs and then played with the other kids and a whole bunch of new toys.  It was awesome.
  • Massive bump on the head (see previous post).
  • Went to kindergym- a raucous romp with kids, play sets, balls, tunnels, bubbles, more songs, rolling down mats, and crawling through rings!  A total blast.

This might just be the cutest video we've ever taken of G.

  • In the evening the Halversons came over for a visit.  Garrett and Bryce played.  The parents tried to keep up.
Santa Ana Zoo!

  • recovery day - I went to swim practice but otherwise we just stayed home and relaxed a little bit.  In the afternoon we went to the park.
  • The best laid plans of mice and men often go askew- and so it went with Friday's plans.  However, we still were able to spend a lovely day with Laina, Josh, and cousin/niece Kaylin. 

  • Cousin Kay, Aunt Lain, and Uncle Josh left this morning leaving Mom and Dad to relax, clean up, and enjoy remaining hours of workless peace.  Mom and Garrett went to the park and took a walk while Daddy (that's me!) worked, and then fixed the busted sprinkler pipe.  I felt very accomplished buying, cutting, cementing, and completely fixing the pipe that I broke!
And now there is just one more day left before work/school starts back up.  I'm thinking I might call in sick Monday.

Friday, April 15, 2011

First major bump

and it sure was a big one!

The other day, while playing in the front yard, our adventurous son took his first big spill.  He's fallen plenty of times, but this spill left the biggest bump and mark by far. 

Since then he's learned to be much more cautious.  NOT!  The other morning he tried to go head first over the foot railing of our bed.  We have such a wild littel man.